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Jesus Christ , you can only save.

First of all, I write not do it from elsewhere, because before a Holy God were all under the same condition, sinners.
Do not use the writings to fight messages because we do not look anything like that, but on the love of Christ that captivates us serve and to know that our hearts were enlightened, we wish to enlighten others, all for the glory and honor of those who died for us.
Sometimes we believe that the wisdom born with us and she will die with us. We believe that we are the generation that will change the world, I implore you, let's look at a little history and we will discover that we are wrong, all generations think the same things, but the world is sinking deeper and deeper and deeper into degradation moral.
We live in a world where babies are killed by abortion, we live in a world where men are corrupted with other men and women are turned into lasciviousness with other women, live in world full of greed and so a lot of things.
If pagan generations could resurrect from the dead or ancient Greek philosophers or the great thinkers, all of them would turn against us and would tell us that there is nothing new under the sun. And in the same way that all of them perished dreams, so our dreams perish, and in the same way that our culture tries to make a world without God, we are going to fail just like them. This world was made for God, the God of the Scriptures and the already placed its mold in all things and why we do not see, it's because we do not see, and why they do not want to see?
The Bible says that all have sinned, we know what our generation believes, because the previous generation believed the same thing, and the earlier the same thing and so, we know well the wars that were made to end the war, it was said that in the centuries 19 and 20 would be a new era, a new period of peace, morality, but the world is sinking more and more into wickedness, the reason is because all have sinned, as the Bible says. And why we sin all? For sin is born with us, it is our depraved nature.
No social theory, no argument, no psychology, no false gospel, no religion, no one wants to speak the truth, no one wants to give to the reality as we really are. We are not bad for the environment around us, the environment around us is morally wrong, but our evil comes from ourselves, from our essence, what we really are.
Many say, God knows my heart, you know nothing about me, do not need to really know your heart, but we must understand that when the Bible speaks of the heart, is referring to our being, to the control center of our emotions, what we are. What is within our heart it is manifested in each of the members of our body. If God lives by faith in our hearts as we say, then he will have my eyes, my hands, my mouth, my mind, my body, my tongue.
The problem is not the man himself, if not the sin within. The reality of man is that he has two problems, let's see what those problems according to the scriptures.
The first problem is this "judicial condemnation of God because of sin" (Romans 3: 9-20)
The second problem "the power of sin in our lives."
This is the root of all evil on the planet.
(Romans 7: 13-24) is one of the passages where so powerfully describes our condition and the power of sin in us. When you read this message, you may the Lord is talking about, because you know you're still a prisoner of your sins, stay sad because again and again you fall. But that happens because you wanted on your own to be saved, you have not really reflected in your sins and the two problems the man, as shown in the scriptures.
No secular book that we read not only do not have the solution but fail to even describe the problem correctly. But when the Bible is read one discovers that the emperor has no clothes, that the problem of man is man. We are wrong. And because God is good, that puts us in a terrible situation. Paul's exclamation in verse 24 is shocking, is not a game, it's real. He does not cry out that way because he was an actor, but because he is talking full power of our reality, do you realize that you can not play a Christian?
Now I want to share that means the Gospel of Christ in Romans 3:28 we find something very powerful to begin to understand.
How can God be just and at the same time justify the ungodly? This seems contradictory in the Bible, how God is righteous can cover sin ?, unjust judges do, how can God forgive sins if he is right ?. Does not earthly justice must punish all his weight any committed evil?
Think about this.
Read Exodus 34: 6-7 he says he is merciful, slow to anger and forgives all sin, but who will by no means clear the guilty.
Let us apply this passage to us, come to Him with our sins, we hear this truth, that forgives all sin and shout, there is hope! But the next phrase destroys our hope, for He will not acquit the guilty in any way.
So how does God can forgive sins and still be fair? Back in Romans 3, God says that justifies the ungodly.
Corrupt judges only cover sins, how God can be just and cover sins?
The question is how this apparent problem is solved? There is only one answer. The answer is the person of Jesus Christ.
We were justified freely. What does it mean ? It means that God declares us righteous before Him even having done nothing for us to do something like that. If there is anything we have done, all they deserve our works is the condemnation of God.
But God justifies those who believed in Jesus, but they never gave reasons for God to do.
If you run an Islamic and ask, what if you die where you're going? He says to paradise, why? Because I love the Koran, I do my prayers, I make my pilgrimage, I am a righteous man!
If you run an Orthodox Jew, you ask the same and responds to paraíso.¿ Why? Because I love the Torah, I keep the commandments, I am circumcised, tithe, I am a righteous man.!
If you get to a Catholic and you ask, what if you die where you're going? He says to paradise, why? Well, because I'm from the true church, because I do all my vows to the Virgin and all the "saints" because I go to church because I do my prayers, because I will be purified in purgatory for being Catholic.
But if you get a Christian, a genuine Christian, because many who claim to be Christians are not. You ask the same and the answers go to paradise, why? Because I was conceived in sin, all my life, all I did was sin, and sin, there is not a commandment of my God that I have not violated. Then you interrupt saying, wait a minute, I'm not understanding, to understand each other, they go to heaven because they did something for their virtues, but you? Then he answers, I go to paradise totally focused on virtue and merit of another Jesus Christ my Lord.
(Psalm 51: 1-5).
I implore you who are reading, look at verse 4
"Against thee, thee have I sinned,
And I have done what is evil in your eyes;
So that you are proved right in your words,
And I blameless in your judgment "
You think you know that stealing is wrong, because of the moral man, his righteousness is born this law?
You think you know that lying is bad because of morality and justice of man was born this law? Of course not, if we who again and again transgress these laws and all established by God.
We judge others by what they do, but then we do the same as them. The Lord is righteous, we sinners.
Is not it interesting what? Anywhere in the world you go, we will agree on these things, if your questions if stealing is wrong anywhere in the world, you're going to say yes, why? Because God wrote His law in every heart of men, that we can not escape.
When you sin, you know you do it wrong, your conscience cries out you're doing wrong, you can not escape it.
Do you honestly believe that we are good? We said that if all our sins were projected as a movie, we would not ever show your face in front of anyone and we know that we are all equal. Where is that pride? Where it is that you spend talking and judging others and I have never regretted? Because we never preached the true gospel why are not you sorry for truth, but only something superficial. Only made a confession of faith and prayer, but that is not worth anything, our life goes on in the flesh, filth and all the desires of this world.
Have not we read about Adam? How many times you sinned? Only once and everyone he was convicted and put under a curse. And we sin more times than we got calculate, but do not see, because the god of our imagination is a god pocket and so we see sin as something so small and insignificant, when it is terribly horrible, it's horrible because of Who is God.
Do you really think we are good? How wrong we are!
We have not yet delved into the answer about how God can be just and yet justify the sinner. In two verse of Romans 3: 24-25 we see the answer.
You can tell this is not correct, because a God of love can not have anger, he can not hate. That daring us to say this, we reserve a right and we want to deprive God of that right. How often you are listening to news or reading newspapers you read something that ignites your anger for something bad someone else has done. If we have a little decency in ourselves and some justice, when we read something were angry, 'we say that's wrong !! We hate that !! Many say God can not hate because he is love, precisely because he is love is hate, for example, loves the truth why hate the lie and the liar, he loves justice, so he hates injustice, love babies, so hates abortion, he loves marriage so he hates adultery, homosexuality and so in all things. You can see ? We can not pull out the righteousness of God. He is just and His justice burns against the wicked.
(Psalm 5: 5)
With one hand God withholds his wrath against us and the other tells us are, but one day both hands will be removed and all human beings will be consumed by the wrath of God.
We still do not delve into the question, how God can offer forgiveness to the sinner and still remain fair ?.
Romans 3:25
The word propitiation, some liberals try to take the word of scripture, because it is very important in the gospel, its meaning is as follows; it is a sacrifice that satisfies the demands of God's justice and appeases the wrath of God, is that what Christ did on the cross of Calvary. Think about it.
Many false Christians say, instead of God being fair with you, he was loving, but that is not logical, because they say that the love of God is not fair, but unfair. God can not grab one of their attributes and hide it behind your back. If you think that's because you have not yet understood the Cross of Jesus.
When we say that God is perfect, it means that all attributes exist in harmony, not one of its attributes refuses to exalt other. We need a just God.
But we do not want God to be just why?, What is what He does with us ?, that is the problem, and Christ is the answer at Calvary, Christ was raised as determined by God, he lived a perfect life and he goes to the cross as a man and the Cross all wrath of God is placed on and when the dies pay and satisfy justice for the people of God, appeased the wrath of God for the people of God and now God can freely forgive the sinner, because He paid the price. Everything was done by the mighty God our Savior.
In 2Corintio 5:21, the Bible tells us who knew no sin became sin for us. Does it mean that there Christ on the Cross stank and around in something bad or immoral? Do not ! The Cross still remained unblemished lamb, then that was what happened? On the cross God imputed our sins in His Son and treated him as if he were guilty. The only man who fulfilled all the law, there on the cross was treated as the only one who disobeyed the law.
Christ did not know what sin was, we did not do nothing but sin and not know anything other than sin.
He died, but rose again
What does his resurrection?
Romans 1: 2-5, is the public declaration of God, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, Romans 4: 24-25, is the public declaration of God that accepts the death of Christ which has satisfied his justice and which we attain justification.
In the l Acts, is the public declaration of God that this world has only one Savior and that we have a governor and a judge, before whom will one day all of us, and now God calls every man wherever they are find that repent and believe in the gospel, believing is not to repeat a prayer, not lift a hand, is not to go in front of an "altar" is not a superficial gospel that most receive, he calls every man to repent and trust in Jesus Christ, God calls us to recognize our really bad and we repent of our self-confidence based on our works, to consider all our works as nothing and take Christ as our only hope. It is cut with other means of salvation and trust the person and work of Christ on the Cross. We must seek until formed in us, until his Spirit testifies in our hearts that we are truly children of God.
Evidence of sanctification and justification in our lives, the evidence that the condemnation of sin was removed, will gradually we grow in holiness and power of sin becomes less and less, the opposite happens when we only religion, demean us more and more, we are led to inevitable death. If we truly believe in Christ for salvation, we are regenerated by the Holy Spirit.
Look at the young, rather to everyone. They say we just want to have fun, do not do anything wrong, just wanna have fun? what they want is to get women to use their bodies to satisfy the pleasure of them, do not want any compromise with them, but they say, we do so because they agree, what is the problem with that? I am a father, tries to do that with my daughter, yet she would consent to it, first you have to kill me, what they do is wicked, full of lust, like animals, like beasts, preying each other and women getting dressed impurely to attract men and they waiting for the moment to devour. In this culture we live, there is a hell and maybe what we're talking about is not clear to us now, but one day it will be very clear, when we all stand before a Holy God and where all filthiness of our inner being exposed and judged, our culture is killing babies, we are like beasts, kill all true beauty, kill true love, we prefer to be passed out from alcohol to vomit, we prefer lewdness and feed each other, we throw out modesty and exhibit us as if we were selling us, this is our culture, we must repent and go after Christ.
Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life.
With love in Christ Jesus.

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