lunes, 30 de mayo de 2016

The mercies of God, in the person of Jesus Christ

Romans 12: 1)
The Apostle Paul, is asking the brothers to do something that is very difficult, he is not asking for money, no cars, no surrender their homes, or to hand over their property.
Paul is asking the brothers to hand over their own lives, it is wonderful when we read the first 11 chapters of Romans, where we understand all that God has done for His people in the person of Jesus Christ, once he demonstrated all that God did in Christ tells us now must give their lives completely.
By the mercies of God made in the person of Christ it is that we give ourselves totally!
Paul is telling them to lose their lives, to hand over all they are at the feet of the Lord.
The mercies of God in the person of Christ! This is the engine, the motivation of Christian life, in this context is that we refer to the above, having understood what has been done through the person of Jesus Christ, I find the true strength and true sense of being a Christian.
In the person of Jesus Christ and His work on the cross, we find the real reason to love and serve Christ.
Particularly in this space, sometimes read many Christians say they are sad, depressed, unmotivated, you really have not understood, it is impossible're immersed in those horrible feelings, that happens because all you do is go to a meeting where there are plenty of music, which speaks pretty, where you are told, above the mind God loves you, how would you understand what I mean, how much would you understand the mercies of God in the person of Christ!
But out of there and that motivation will only last a few days and come back to feel the same horrible feelings, empty it.
Where does your motivation? Where the fire that claim to have come from?
The fire, strength and all true motivation comes from Christ, we preach Christ, the glory of Christ, the glory of the work of Christ on the cross, the glory of God through Christ in the conversion of a person in a new creature.
We should seek to understand what it means that Christ died for us.
When we begin to understand who Christ is and what He has done for us, we never let more need another motivation, another force, another joy, Christ will suffice.
There is a strange fire today, everyone is looking far to the scriptures reasons as to why I look to Christ, saying "I serve Christ and find him because he will fix my life" if I serve Christ will help me financially, this should not be.
If you serve Christ, it is because he is worthy, He died for me!
Stop talking about money, cars, clothes, home, business, fame, look only at this site, how many are that "Public Figure" as if nothing get, and claim to be Christians, we are called to be famous or want to be, by God understand, that is the pride of the world, shame would have to give them, Madonna puts it is "Public Figure" all worldly look for those things and loves, do not realize they are placed on the same height, should not be so in the holy children of God. Is that example learned of Christ? He said that the glory of men did not receive, made a miracle and asked to stay in the occult, but it was impossible, reporting from the people.
Your public figure you get? You have the wrong profession, you were not called to serve Christ, if you want fame then follow the "famous" of this world.
We speak and look so much, ask them; Is it not enough that Christ died for us?
What matter if you have money or not, if I'm known or not, who care about all that, if Christ died for me, all that matters to me is being known by this fills me with joy in four walls where no one sees me where I do not play trumpet, where only the Father sees.
Christ died for me, so we will worship him, we will work with the forces gives us so that His Kingdom advance, we need no other reason, no other reason, everything is nothing compared to what my Lord has done for me in that Cross.
We need truth, we need sound doctrine, we need the power of the Holy Spirit.
Why is your family suffers? Why is your church suffers? Why you yourself suffer?
It is written: "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge"
They are worried about having great visions, look what we need is knowledge of who God is and of his will, where there is this vision the people suffer and is destroyed.
You want to have the strength and reason to serve God? All we need is biblical doctrine.
Young, most youth group are completely sterile, already have a certain age, you still gonna play?
Leave that for children, you must learn what it means to be a biblical man should not go with other youth, but with older men, believers who give good testimony, to learn.
Did not you read that where many senseless folly huddle spread and increases?
How many youth groups exploit to be together in every folly, all because they are carnal, look to Timothy, observes and see what God really wants from a young man.
I think "too much fun" but that will end up killing us.
You have to go to church to have fun, they can not take anything seriously, we have seen many "Christian" youths in deplorable states.
They say they use methods to attract young people to enter the church. Look, young people are not going to enter heaven for fun.
Does it make sense if young group when they get all they find is fun?
I know very well the youth groups not speak without knowledge.
Every young man needs the truth, you need the word of God, wake up, it's time to stop being a child must be mature, you must understand that if you say you follow Christ, you must take seriously the Bible.
I do not mean that one should go about mourning all day, but it has gone to a very bad end, where the fun occupies a big place.
When I read Paul who wrote with tears, he stops to meditate.
I think we do not understand a quarter of what the hell, a place where many people who are in front of you will go.
Look how we are when someone comes and tells us that his marriage or finance are wrong, we face of sadness, anxiety, but no tears in secret for the souls that go to hell, there is that burden, there is no such understanding.
Look at the prophets, they received God's judgment that the Lord brought against his people, can you imagine that? They had to announce again and again the people in the hope that they heard, they wept for the people, because they understood how serious the ministry and that God does not play, do you think they had time to play? How could have fun all the time knowing what is going to occur? All this also has to do with deny himself and lose our lives to follow Christ.
Young, How much time do you spend in prayer and reading and then go to other young people to preach Jesus? Compared to the time you spend preparing for games and all things to amuse.
It makes no sense to go to church, if you do not with the right attitude, if you have hunger for the word of God, if you are not thirsty for God's presence.
I might tell you, young people need fun, I ask you, please tell me which part of Scripture says.
Am I can amuse? Yes, but when we think a youth group or the church needs so much fun that it does not exist, something is wrong.
Joy in the Lord is very different fun today.
No one can lay a foundation that has been laid, Jesus Christ.
God bless you in Christ Jesus.

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