jueves, 7 de septiembre de 2017

The Christian life is more than a doctrine

The Christian life is more than doctrine, it is a life transformed by the truth that I have learned. The purpose of the preaching of the gospel is not that they learn something new, but that they live in a manner more in conformity with the person and will of Christ.
We need to be slaves, servants of Christ. Many of us are aware of this, but where is the power to be?
In the scriptures is the answer, in the gospel, Romans 12: 1.
In the first few chapters of Romano Paul teaches us all that God has done for us in the person of his son Jesus Christ, in chapter twelve verse one tells us, God has done all this for you in the person of your son, this are your mercies, now you must do the following, "that we present our bodies in a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God that is your rational worship."
In this verse, the verb to present does not mean that every day we must make a decision to introduce ourselves to Christ, what he is telling us is that once for all we need to make the decision not to walk between two opinions, once for all we must take the decision to leave the world, live and give our whole life to Christ. Many of you have one foot in the "kingdom of God" and another in the world, you can not live that way, you can not follow Christ that way. The Lord does not want a part of us alone, he does not want us to be double-minded, double-minded, he wants a totally committed person.
In the Beatitudes he says, blessed are the pure in heart, in this passage he is not specifically speaking of a "white" heart, but he is speaking of a heart with a single loyalty, a heart totally surrendered to God.
This is not going to happen with much religion, but with a biblical and correct doctrine about who God is, who we are and what God has done for us in the person of his Son, our Lord and Savior.
There is a lot of wrong motivation, product of wrong doctrines.
My desire is that you not only read, but I pray you understand.
God bless you.

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