domingo, 12 de febrero de 2017

We have another mountain

In Matthew 5 the scriptures tell us that Jesus went up to the mountain and began to teach, it is strange that the word monte is mentioned, since if they go to that area they will be able to perceive that it is not possible to call that zone of mountainous.
Matthew is writing for the Jews, when Monte was mentioned, they were immediately represented by Mount Sinai, that was "Monte." Mount Sinai was very important because God descended there and gave Moses his law.
Matthew, in mentioning the word monte, is trying to describe something wonderful, the majesty of what was about to happen, now we have another mount, in which now God in flesh in the person of Christ opened his mouth and begins to teach us who He is And what he expects of his children.
Hebrews (10: 26-29)
No one can be neutral before the person of Christ, the scriptures do not allow it.
Now men do not receive the law of God through the angels, but the same God incarnate has been revealed.
Who is Jesus?
For me it is the eternal Son of God, who came to this world, lived a holy life and went to the cross to die. And He is Lord too.
And why did he die?
To satisfy the righteousness of God that burns against the sinner and thus save his people.
However there are many who today call Lord Jesus but live as if it were not, they are walking the wide road that leads to perdition.
Matthew 7: 21-23
Your confession of faith and Christianity mean nothing, if Jesus is not everything for you, look at the argument of those false prophets that you follow, they will say, Lord we are not so bad, we preach in your name, we performed miracles, cast out demons, All arguments based on themselves
Verse 23
The word wickedness in Greek means lawless, what Jesus is saying is out of my presence all of you who claim to be my disciples, but live as if I had never given you a law to obey.
I am describing to many of you who believe in an easy gospel, believe in that god who is a cosmic steward who exists to serve you, in that machine where you put a coin and grab your prize.
God bless you.

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