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The Gospel, Jesus Christ is your only hope

First of all, what I write I do not do from a different place from yours, but from the same place, because in the light of the Gospel, we are all exposed and under one condition before a Holy God, we are sinners.
In about 15 years, we will see how most of our earthly dreams and expectations will not be fulfilled, within 10 more years, we will see how our physical strength and beauty is consumed, within 25 years we will begin to smell death and within A hundred years more we will all be dead, not only will we be dead, but few of us, when we die, will be in the presence of God and then we will hear "come blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom that has been prepared for you since the foundation of World "and many of us, when we die, will hear the most terrifying words that a human being can hear," Depart from me, doers of wickedness, I do not know you. " No matter what we achieve or what we do, we will all be dead. These are the two destinations. This is the reality.
What man can do anything about death? None except Jesus Christ. He not only makes the difference in us here on earth, I speak of the spiritual in holiness, but it will make a difference in our eternal destiny.
I am not talking to you about whether God exists or not, because the Bible tells me that we all know that God exists, that is in the fiber of the human being, the Bible also tells me that God wrote his law in our hearts, giving Witness our conscience. God has given us the conscience so that we know how wrong we are.
And all this has a purpose, to lead us to the person of Jesus Christ.
There is only one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus. He is our only hope.
Sometimes we believe that wisdom was born with us and that she is going to die with us. We believe that we are the generation that is going to change the world, I beg, let's see a little history and we will discover that we are wrong, all generations think the same things, but the world sinks more and more in a degradation moral.
We live in a world where babies are killed with abortion, we live in a world where men are corrupted with other men and women are ignited in lasciviousness with other women, we live in a world full of greed and so a lot of things.
If pagan generations could be resurrected from the dead or the ancient philosophers of Greece and the thinkers of the tribes of South America, they would all turn against us and tell us that there is nothing new under the sun. And just as all their dreams perished, so our dreams will perish, and just as our culture tries to make a world without God, we are going to fail just like them. This world was made for God, the God of scripture and He has already placed His mold in all things and the reason why we do not see it, is because we do not want to see it, and why do not we want to see it?
I want to share the conscience, I will share the most terrifying truth written in the Bible; It is this, GOD IS GOOD.
When we hear this, we say, what is the problem with this? We all want God to be good, that does not leave me terrified. It does not leave us terrified because we are asleep.
Why is it terrifying that God is good? Because we are not. We are not good.
So what does a good, moral, and just God do with people like us?
Do we really think we're good? If we could take our heart and convert it into dvd and dump in all our thoughts, deeds, words that throughout our lives we have thought, made and projected on a giant screen like a movie, in front of our relatives, friends, Etc., we would run out of embarrassment, and we would not return to a nose in that place, because we have thought so much filth, immorality, we have done so much evil and impurity in the secret, we have spoken so much perversion that we We can share even these things with our best friends.
So; What does such a good God do to us?
We have already committed idolatry, we have already created and worshiped a god of our imagination, a god created by our mind and not the God of the scriptures, we have already committed lewdness and all kinds of filth.
Again; What does a Holy God do with people like us? This is what the scriptures are about.
I want to share Romans Chapter 3:23
All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Does this leave us frightened? We say no! It's because we're asleep. All sinned, when we sin, we are not sinning against a president, we sin against the creator and sustainer of all life, we sin against the Lord of glory, against God who deserves all honor and glory that we can give him, for this reason in the day Of the final judgment if God condemns us by sending us to hell, the whole creation will stand and applaud God for His righteousness.
I give an example, on the day of creation God orders the stars to place each one in their places and they run to obey it, God tells the planets to turn in a certain orbit and they worship him, God tells the mountains That they rise and remain on high and speaks to the great sea that their waves will not pass the limit that he established it and all obey it, there God tells us they come and we say No!
The Bible says that all sinned, we know what our generation believes, because the previous generation believed the same thing, and the former the same thing and thus, we know well the wars that were made to end the wars, it was said that in the centuries 19 and 20 would be a new era, a new period of peace, morality, but the world is sinking more and more in evil, the reason is because all sinned, as the Bible says. And why do we all sin? Because sin is born with us, it is our depraved nature.
No social theory, no argument, no psychology, no false gospel, no religion, no one wants to speak the truth, nobody wants to find the reality of what we really are. We are not bad for the environment that surrounds us, the environment around us is morally bad, but our evil comes from ourselves, our essence, what we really are.
Some say that man has only one problem, sin within him. Secular philosophers would say that it is man himself. The problem is not man himself, if it were not sin within him. The reality of man is that he has two problems, let's see what those problems are according to the scriptures. The first problem is this "judicial condemnation of God because of sin" and the second problem "the power of sin in our lives"
This is the root of all evil on the planet.
No secular book that we can read, not only do not have the solution, but fail to correctly describe the problem. But when one reads the Bible one discovers that the emperor has no clothes, that man's problem is man. We are wrong. And because God is good, that puts us in a terrible situation.
Now I want to share what the gospel of Christ means, in Romans 3:28 we can find something very powerful to begin to understand.
How can God be just and at the same time justify the ungodly? This seems contradictory in the Bible, as if God is righteous can cover sin, unjust judges do it, how can God forgive sins if he is righteous ?. Does not earthly justice have to punish with all its weight any evil committed? Think about this.
Let's read Exodus 34: 6-7 he says that he is merciful, slow to anger and forgiving all sin, but in no way will he hold the guilty innocent.
Let us apply this passage to ourselves, we come to Him with our sins, we hear this truth, He forgives all sin and we cry, there is hope! But the following phrase destroys our hope, because he will not hold the guilty innocent in any way.
So how can God forgive sins and remain righteous? There in Romans 3 God says that he justifies the ungodly.
Let's look at a passage that illustrates this problem. Proverbs 17:15
If God speaks to earthly righteousness, saying that whoever justifies the wicked is an abomination before Him and his word can not be broken, how then can God judge the world over sin and justify the ungodly and still follow Being fair . In Romans 3 it says that God justifies the sinner, how can it be then? Read Romans 4: 7
Only corrupt judges cover sins, how can God be just and cover sins?
How can God forgive all kinds of sin and say that He will judge all ungodly?
I give an example, let's say you come to your house and find your whole family dead and the criminal is there in front of you, you get to take it and you take it to the police. Time later appears in a court in front of a judge for a sentence. Suddenly the judge stops and says, I am a judge full of love, compassionate, slow to anger and forgive all kinds of evil, I declare you innocent, you are free of guilt, I leave you free.
How would we react? We would go to the TV, we would write to the president, we would march, we would talk everywhere that that judge is corrupt, that he is worse than the criminals that he leaves free, we would say that he is a judge who does not do justice.
Then how can God be just and justify the ungodly ?. How can he forgive the sinner and at the same time condemn him?
This is the question of the Christian faith. No other religion asks this question, because all religions have a very poor vision of who God is and a high vision of themselves (men).
But the Bible says No! God is Holy, Holy, Holy !!
Is not that our claim? When you speak of the law of God, you can see incredible hypocrisy, you say, I do not have to obey! It is not for me! I choose not to obey and God has no right to condemn me! But if you talk about the corruption of governments, companies or even other neighbors, they get up themselves and say, if God exists why do not stop them? Why do not you judge them? The point is that we do not want God to judge us, according to us God has no reason to judge us.
We say we will not believe in Him unless He judges everyone else.
How can God offer forgiveness to sinners and be called Just?
The question is How is this apparent problem solved? There is only one answer. The answer is the person of Jesus Christ.
We went for free. What does it mean ? It means that God declares us righteous before Him even though He has done nothing for us to do something like this. If there is something we have done, the only thing our works deserve is the condemnation of God.
But God justifies those who believed in Jesus, though they never gave God cause to do so.
Everything is summed up in two types of justice, that of works and that of grace.
All religions are of the works, because they say "do this and God will do that"
If you come to an Islamic and ask him, if you die where are you going? He says to paradise, why? Because I love the Koran, I pray my prayers, I make my pilgrimages, I am a correct man.
If you come to an Orthodox Jew, you ask the same question and respond to paradise. Why? Because I love the Torah, I keep the madnesses, I am circumcised, I tithe, I am a righteous man.
But if you come to a Christian, a genuine Christian, because many who claim to be Christians are not. You ask the same question and he responds to paradise, why? Because I was conceived in sin, all my life all I did was sin and sin, there is no commandment of my God that I have not violated. Then you interrupt saying, wait a moment! I am not understanding you, I understand others, they go to heaven because they did something, for your virtues, but you? Then he responds, I go to paradise totally overturned in the virtue and merit of another, Jesus Christ my Lord.
Do we understand what is an elevated vision of man and a poor vision of who God is?
Do we honestly think we're good? We have already said that if all our sins were projected as a film, we would never again show our face in front of anyone and we know very well that we are all the same. Where is that pride? Where is it that you spend talking and judging others and you have never repented? Because they never preached the true gospel to us for that reason you have not really repented, but only something superficial. You only made a confession of faith and a prayer, but that is not worth anything, our life is still the same in the flesh, filth and all the desires of this world.
Have not we read about Adam? How many times did he sin? Only once and everyone was condemned and put under curse. And we sin more times than we can calculate, but we do not see it, because the god of our imagination is a pocket god and therefore we see sin as something so small and insignificant, when it is terribly horrible, it is horrible because of Who is God.
Do we really think we're good? How wrong we are!
We have not yet delved into the answer about how God can be righteous and still justify the sinner. In two verses of Romans 3: 24-25 we see an answer.
Psalm 5: 5 God hates all who commit sin; in all the scriptures his righteousness burns against all the wickedness of men. Why? Because he is good.
You can say that this is not right, because a God of love can not have anger, that he can not hate. How bold we are to say this, we reserve a right and want to deprive God of that right. How often you listen to news or read newspapers you read something that turns your anger on something bad that another has done. If we have a bit of decency in ourselves and a little justice, when we read something like that we are angry, we say that is wrong !! We hate that !! Many say that God can not hate because he is love, precisely because he is love that he hates, for example, he loves the truth so he hates lies and liars, he loves justice, that is why he hates injustice, loves to The babies, that's why he hates abortion, he loves marriage, that's why he hates adultery, homosexuality and so on in all things. You can see ? We can not throw away the justice of God by making him a Hitler. He is righteous and His righteousness burns against the wicked.
With one hand God stops his anger against us and with the other he tells us to come, but one day both hands will be withdrawn and all human beings will be consumed by the wrath of God.
We continue without deepening the question, how can God offer forgiveness to the sinner and still remain righteous ?.
Romans 3:25
The word propitiation, some liberals try to get this word from the scriptures, because it is very important in the gospel, its meaning is the following; It is a sacrifice that satisfies the demands of God's justice and appeases the wrath of God, that is what Christ did on Calvary. Think about it.
Many false Christians say, instead of God being fair to you, he was loving, but that is not logical, because they say that the love of God is not just but unjust. God can not grab one of his attributes and hide it behind his back.
When it is said that God is perfect, it means that all his attributes exist in harmony, he does not deny one to exalt another. We need a just God, imagine an unjust omnipotent Deity, it would be like having a cosmic Hitler with unlimited powers. But we do not want God to be righteous, because what does He do with us? That is the problem and Christ is the answer on Calvary, Christ was raised according to God's will, He lived a perfect life and He goes To the Cross as a man and on the Cross all wrath of God is placed upon Him and when He dies, He pays and He satisfies justice for the people of God, He appeased the wrath of God for the people of God and now God can Freely pardon the sinner, because He paid the price himself. Everything was made by Him, God the Savior.
Let us think, many have a very superficial view of the Cross, that Christ is there nailed to a Cross and nothing else.
We have on one side God who is Holy and on the other extreme the man who is sinful, there is a great separation between them. How do we believe that separation can be closed? Someone has to occupy our place and suffer separation from God, this means that on the cross Christ not only suffered physical death as sentence, but the most terrible, separation from God, condemnation in hell separated from God throughout the Eternity is the punishment that our sins deserve, Christ suffered the separation of God for which he cries out, God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?
In Psalm 22: 4-5 the following argument is said, there was never a time when someone from the covenant people would cry out to the Lord and the Lord would not hear, but the Messiah is crying there nailed to a tree, there is no response from Comfort to Him, why does the Lord forsake me? Psalm 22: 1. The answer is, because the Lord is holy (Psalm 22: 3).
In 2 Corinthians 5:21, the Bible tells us that he who knew no sin made him sin for us. Does it mean that there on the Cross Christ became corrupted and turned into something evil or immoral? Do not ! The one still on the cross was still the spotless lamb, so what happened? At the Cross God imputed our sins to his Son and treated him as if he were guilty. The only man who fulfilled all the law, there on the cross, was treated as the only one who disobeyed the law.
The scriptures say that that man who did not obey the law, all the curses written in the law, would fall on his head, on that cross, all the curses of the law were upon Jesus, he was treated as someone who adulterated, he was treated As one who killed, who lied, who cursed his parents, who robbed, who deceived, who committed idolatry, he was treated as immoral, impure, was treated as if we were, because we are all that, and We all live in this life with such poor thoughts, pretending, wanting only the material, for you that you think that God is a Holy Father, I tell you, Jehovah has provided only one thing, A LAMB. May you understand to destroy every false argument that God wants to make you rich and give you all your earthly desires.
The Son wanted to intervene for us, the Son of God knew very well that if the Father would let us go, we would not let him go to Him, that if He would take our place on that Cross, He would not receive any mercy, Because the righteousness of God was to be fulfilled, all his wrath was to be shed, our sins were the objects of God's wrath, all the injustices of our sins cried out for justice against us.
And the Son accepted and went to receive the punishment in our place.
In the Gethsemani he was sweating drops of blood, what was it that frightened Jesus so much? Do you think he was afraid of a Roman cross? It is known that throughout history many Christians were crucified dead, while they went to the cross to die, they sang hymns and filled joy, then, we think that those men are more brave than the captain of our salvation? Think.
Why is he praying like this then?
Because of the cup, what was in that cup? She was filled with the wrath of God. Read the prophets and psalms, when talking about cup or chalice we speak of the wrath of God, that all nations should drink and be destroyed by sin. Then that cup that was filled with the wrath of God, which should have been drunk by the people of God, was given to Christ, the cup that each of us must drink because our sins deserve nothing else, Christ drank it in The Cross and when he said it is finished, he turned the cup and no drop left, there was no drop for you, if you really believed, you have repented and there is evidence in your life of that supernatural work of God, because When we are born again, we are truly new creatures and the power of the Holy Spirit sanctifies us day by day. Otherwise you will degrade yourself more and more. This is the true pain of the Cross, not just the nails, the crown and the whipping. That is why the message of the gospel that is preached today is without power, because they only speak of nails, crown and scourges, but not of the real pain of the Cross.
It is not a question of believing ourselves perfect, but of a supernatural work of God, who makes us new creatures, is as supernatural as the whole creation.
How is it that God can justify the sinner and even remain righteous?
For God himself paid the price, he experienced his anger, taking your place in the person of Christ, became man, so he could die for men, but he was also God and therefore could satisfy his justice, Because the sacrifice of Jesus was of infinite value, since he has more value than the whole universe together.
Do you realize? God could not forgive us, not just us. He did not sweep our sins under a carpet, but punished them in the person of Christ Jesus, and that is why He is Just and justifies the one who is of the Faith of Jesus.
Isaiah prophesies about the coming of the Messiah, that he would win the battle, as in the days of Madian, what happened there? God fought for them, the people did not have to do anything, God saved them with the power of his right arm, the same thing happened on the Cross, everything He did, we did nothing, so that all honor, honor and glory just for him.
We live in a secular world, proud, do everything we can to silence the truth, the truth that is in the Bible, but we have no excuse, this truth has been testified again and again, through creation, through Of conscience, through history, through prophets and preachers and above all through that Man Jesus of Nazareth, we have no excuse, he died that we might be saved and on the third day he rose again.
What does that resurrection mean?
Romans 1: 2-5, is the public statement of God, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, Romans 4: 24-25, is the public statement of God that He accepts the death of Christ which has satisfied His righteousness and Which we achieve justification.
The book of Acts is the public statement of God that this world has only one savior and that we have a governor and a single judge, before whom we will one day be all of us, and now God calls every man wherever he To believe that it is not to repeat a prayer, not to raise a hand, not to go to the front of an "altar", it is not a superficial gospel that most of us receive, He calls every man , When I speak of man, there are also women, to repent and confide in Jesus Christ, God calls us to truly renounce our evil and repent of our sins, our own confidence based on our works, to consider all our works As nothing and run to Christ, as our only hope. It is to cut off with any other means of salvation and trust in the person and work of Christ on the Cross. We must seek Him until He is formed in us, until His Spirit testifies in our hearts that we are truly children of God.
If we have truly believed in the gospel and have truly repented the evidence will be that we will continue to repent every day and continue to believe every day, when we do something wrong a knife will pierce our heart.
The evidence of sanctification and justification in our lives, the evidence that the condemnation of sin was removed, will gradually grow in holiness and the power of sin becomes less and less in us, quite the opposite happens when we only have religion, We degrade ourselves more and more, we are more and more slaves of sin, we are led to an inevitable death. If we have truly believed in Christ for salvation, we are regenerated by the Holy Spirit.
We said that man has two problems according to the scriptures.
1) Judgment of God for sin. It is resolved when a person truly believes in Christ.
2) The power of sin in the life of man. Here comes the work of the Holy Spirit of regeneration, if we truly believe for salvation, we are regenerated by His Spirit, we are new creatures, this is not a poetry, this is real, that every man who is in Christ is a new creature and we begin To change for this powerful work, change is due to the very nature of conversion, we change by God's own sovereignty, because He does not leave his children fallen, He loves them, teaches them and discipline, without fatigue all work The days in his life with a single purpose, make us in the image of his Son Jesus and finally in the name of Jesus Christ, in the power of Christ and for the glory of Christ He brings those children to eternal glory, where they will be in front of him In perfect holiness.
Where we are? Are we among those who call themselves Christians and go to hell when they die because they never knew Christ?
Or are we going to shine like a star in glory? Because we embraced the true gospel and the gospel embraced us.
We may not be aware of the following, there is a place where we are mentioned in the scriptures, where we specifically talk about all of us, a prophet looks to the future and he sees each of us, not just a group, but Each one of us, is the only place in the whole of Bilbao where we are specifically mentioned.
Read Revelation 20: 11-15
John sees the Throne of God and the dead before him, those are us, the prophet is watching us, each of us, every face he is seeing, we are called dead, at this moment we can be seated, stopped, in any Place, but in that prophetic vision he saw each of us.
This does not matter if it leaves us frightened, or if it makes us laugh, does not change the fact that it is true, we are seen in the scriptures, there we are dead and we are judged.
If we read the scriptures and get up and follow in the same way, Jesus describes what happens, the devil comes and snatches the word from our heart so that we do not create and achieve salvation. Our minds are so full of unnecessary things and so full of thoughts about ourselves, full of vanities and fun, but right now we are talking about eternity that is going to happen and it is not good to lie to us, we can forget about this moment, but Will be brought to our mind that day, the day of judgment, we will remember that once a man or maybe several, one day were talking about all these true things, the question is What are we going to do with these truths?
Concerning Christ we have three options.
1) He was the greatest of all liars, because he says he is the Son of God and he knew he was not, and he deceived most people in all history, are we willing to say that? But he did not live, nor teach as a liar.
2) He is a lunatic, crazy: for any person who believes that he is the Son of God and is not, no matter his sincerity, is a lunatic, if he is wrong, he is wrong and should not be followed and anyone who He is out of his mind. Are we willing to say that He was a lunatic? We can say, I do not think he is a liar or lunatic, but the scriptures were manipulated, so let's bring our papers, our texts, show the evidence that the Bible was changed. The scriptures were not changed, they passed from hand to hand, from generation to generation, she is complete. They say that Jesus is the Son of God.
3) He is Lord; What is he? The sad thing is that we are busy with so many things that we do not even stop to think about all this, we have to have fun, have the latest technology, or we have a good movie to watch, but we have this person in the story, no matter if Love or hate, no one affected history like Him, no one made the allegations He made, no one ever did what He did, we are thinking of having fun, we can say that we are not sure that there is a God, but we do not investigate, the truth Most important of human existence, and we prefer to celebrate, or seek a profession, I do not say this to destroy, but to awaken, the reality of our life, we are born, we are educated, to work, to grow old, to die, today we have an age, A while our parents were our age, tomorrow we will be their age and in the end we are all dead, and we want to continue thinking about small things?
Better think, in the most important truth, Who is that person? Who is Jesus? Let's just stop talking about him.
Will we have the audacity to say that he is a liar and curse him? Will we have the audacity to call him lunatic and make fun of him?
If we get to do that, we have to take all our virtues and throw them away, because they come from Him, we have to become animals, without rules, without ethics, we can not say that Hitler is wrong, because that is the opinion of the world " Modern "where we live, where everyone is right. Let's think, let's think ...
Who is that person? Who is Christ?
I believe that He is the Son of God, the eternal Son of God, who became man, who walked on this earth, who lived a perfect life, and went to that cross, to do that thing? Satisfy the justice of God, why was it necessary? Because God in his righteousness has to judge us and the only way to be free from the righteousness of God is to pay for our sins, then God became man, God took our place, God paid for our iniquities, and that way we can Be reconciled to God through faith in Christ. He who believes in Christ was not saved from sin, because sin is already within us, what are we saved when we repent and believe in Jesus? We are saved from the righteousness of God, it is the righteousness of God that pursues us, it comes upon us like a wave in all its rage, Why? Because we are bad.
Christ talks about two ways, only two. The wide and spacious that leads to perdition, most people walk, even the majority who believe to be Christian.
We fatigue looking for all superficial things, we look at our youth and beauty in the mirror, we look at our strength and we believe that it will last forever and there we walk with the whole world, it seems a parade of clowns, filling the tombs, Thousands of us die every day. It is a wide, secular road, a road that was liberated from God, it is a very civilized way to be imported into Christianity, it is a path of technology and new inventions and none of them satisfies the soul or heals this world, which only remains Worse day by day, more black, long and wide way, we are friends of him, having fun, walking, without thinking anything in life, and every now and then someone interrupts you like me, there we heard a little, but we crossed the door and We continue on that road, we continue, until the old age arrives and we die.
But there is another way, the way that believes that God entered into the history of mankind in the person of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, that he is the creator, sustainer and Lord, that He is truth and incarnate wisdom, nothing works out of it, There is no way apart from it, it is a narrow road that leads us to him, which leads us to trust in what he has done for us, following his word, he is transforming our lives making it new, here I am not talking about anything Material, but of the fragrance of Christ, of Matthew 5, the Beatitudes, that is the clothing of a true Christian.
Finally, Jesus said another great truth. "He that believeth not, the wrath of God is upon him" Is God unjust? No, because that is the only thing that deserves our sins.
Hell is the perfect and holy righteousness of God, where we receive the wages our evil deserves.
This is spoken and written with the deep desire that God allows us to repent for salvation.
Because it is true, there will be a day of judgment and we will all be there before the Almighty Judge and unless we are clothed with the life of Christ, we have absolutely nothing. Unless Christ is not our whole life, we are going to experience an eternity of death.
If Christ is not the center of our lives, we must be truly terrified, because He tells us that many who still confess Him as their Lord, are walking the wide and spacious road and will not see life.
If we are new creatures, they will be known by the fruits, these are not material, but from within, in holiness, they are genuine, an apple tree is not there striving to give apple, its fruit will be what it is, apple. The same we, the fruits of character, thoughts, words, attitudes, will prove that we are and if indeed the Holy Spirit dwells in us.
In the same way, Christianity is not adopting a new rule, it is not reading the Bible and trying to obey it, it is to recognize that we are morally depraved creatures, and we can not do what is right, then we come to Christ and trust in Him for salvation And he who trusts in him truly is changed. The Bible calls it a resurrection from the dead, the sin we once loved, now we hate, the God who before could not catch our attention for a minute, now becomes precious to us.
Is this a reality in our lives? Or we have a little religion that did not change anything in us, the only thing that has caused is to numb our conscience in such a way that now we jumped on the wide road going to hell.
Almost nobody preaches from hell, many liars say they do not because they want to preach the words of Jesus, never say that, if you watch closely, Jesus spoke more than all the prophets and apostles together from hell, were it not for their Lessons learned, little would be known.
Jesus for love gave his life for sinners to save them, but he still spoke of hell. Many say I do not want that religion, I just want the love of Jesus, but then they are inventing another Jesus, they want another Jesus, a Christ of their imagination.
The Jesus of the scriptures, warns people, cries out to people not to go to hell.
Let us look at the young people, or rather at all. They say we just want to have fun, we do not do anything wrong, just want to have fun? What they want is to get women, use their bodies to satisfy their pleasure, they did not want any commitment to them, but they say, we do it because they consent, what's the problem with that? I am a father, try to do that to my daughter, even if she consents, first you will have to kill me, what you do is impious, full of lust, like animals, like beasts, hunting each other and women dressing impurely to attract the Men and they waiting for the moment to devour them. In that culture we live !! There is a hell and maybe what we are talking about is not clear to us now, but one day it will be very clear, when all of us are in front of a Holy God and where all impurity of our interior is exposed and judged, our culture is the one that Kill babies, we are like beasts, we kill all true beauty, we kill true love, we prefer to faint from alcohol until vomiting, we prefer lewdness and feed each other, we throw out the modesty and we show ourselves as if we were selling, that Is our culture, we must repent and go after Christ.
We seek thousands of arguments to excuse ourselves, we say do not kill anyone, do not steal, I think I'm not so bad, Adam sinned only once and we sinned so many times that we could not even count with a calculator. How can we say that?
Just looking at my condition, I can truly appreciate the Grace of God. Trust in Christ, he is your only hope,
God bless you.

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