viernes, 14 de abril de 2017

The Gospel, eternal life

John 17: 3:
Eternal life is to know the only true God and Jesus Christ who was sent.
The gospel begins with God, to understand it, we must understand who God is, so that the power in the gospel is a reality in our lives and in the lives of those we preach, we have to understand that everything is about God, Of its nature, it is not about man, it is not about your affairs, about your desires, but about God. The Lord is holy, he is righteous.
God can not violate His attributes, He can not do anything that contradicts Him, He is a true God, there is no lie in Him.
This is a very good thing, it would be terrible to know that all this universe was created by an evil and unjust God, as many want to make see through their hard heart. It is really good that God is just, but then we have a problem, if God is just, what does he do with us?
God is good, no one thinks of it more than giving a favorable meaning to us, but in the first instance to understand this truth is not at all encouraging for us, why? Because we are not good, then what does a good God have to do with people like us sinners?
We have sinned against everything, all creation cries out for our condemnation.
If God forgives the sinner just like that, then he is not just, if God calls the wicked to share with Him, then He is not Holy.
The question that arises from the scriptures is, how can a just God forgive the wicked? The answer lies in the cross of Jesus Christ, on the cross we see a magnificent revelation of the fullness of the attributes of God.
God is just, He has to condemn us for our sins.
God is love, becomes man through his Son, lives a perfect life as a man and then goes to the cross and on that cross the sins of his people are placed upon him and all the wrath of God that we deserve was Placed upon the head of Christ, the exact amount that was required to fully satisfy the righteousness of God.
After suffering, taking upon himself the sins of his people, he said "It is finished" this means that our Lord did all that was required to satisfy the justice of God against his people, he paid the price completely.
This is very important to understand, not only were our sins forgiven simply because he suffered at the hands of the Romans and nailed him to a cross.
On that Cross our sins were imputed and it seemed good to the Father to break him (Isaiah 53:10). The whole weight of the righteousness of God that should have fallen upon me, upon you, fell upon his only son and suffered fully, he paid the price. He died and on the third day he rose again.
Now he is seated at the right hand of the Father, and there is no other name, no other name anywhere in the world given to men in which we can be saved except by the name of Jesus Christ.
We are not speaking anything that is not written, but the mass is really great that is battling against the Lord, sleeping and killing thousands of souls, because very overlooked, from far away and almost in an inaudible whisper, it is said "Christ Died for your sins, "it is said fleetingly, that souls fail to understand, it seems that they are talking about a worthless animal that was sacrificed one day will know why.
Because that spirit of error, has the same purpose of the beginning, deceiving man, seducing him into one of the greatest sins he has, self-sufficiency, he wanted and wants to be a protagonist, there is a false gospel for this.
To be saved, the Bible calls every man to repent and believe in the gospel.
Repentance means much more than a transformation of the mind, when one speaks of the mind in the scriptures, one speaks of the center of control of our will, our intellect, our will.
An example of repentance is the Apostle Paul, he thought before that Jesus was the most blasphemous man who ever walked in this world and that the Christian church was the most dangerous sect in this world and deserved to be destroyed.
But when Jesus appeared to him and he became, his mind turned 180 degrees, he now thought and acknowledged that Jesus was the Son of God and the Messiah. Now he thought and was convinced that the Christian church was God's holy people.
He took everything that he considered gain before, his mind changed, he realized that his whole reality was wrong, even his reality about God.
His mind changed and everything else changed as a whole, he was just baptized, he began to preach the gospel and to be persecuted for the faith he had pursued before.
To repent is to realize that our way of thinking, our reality of seeing things and our reality about God himself is wrong. After seeing the truth of God, (to that truth the Lord Jesus referred when He said "They will know the truth and the truth will make them li

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