miércoles, 28 de febrero de 2018

The gospel of Christ brings hope to every man

Every doctrine that makes man lose hope does not come from God.

When I speak of hope I am not referring to anything in this world, but to salvation, eternal life.

Many promoters are of hopelessness putting a stumbling block, those who say that Christ only died for some, those who say that Christ only loved some, those who say that God determined the salvation of some and the condemnation of others, those who say that man can not have faith in God and believe in the gospel unless it is "previously regenerated, those who say that you must give God sums of money, but do not please the Lord, those who say that you must believe in another intercessor apart from Christ, those who say that if you are not part of such a denomination you are lost, anyway.

But what is it that says the Lord creator of heaven and earth, the Almighty God?

Isaiah 55: 1-3

This word crumbles every argument of men who want to confuse the simplicity of the gospel and at the same time deprive people of the power of God for salvation.

Every time you have any doubt about listening to lies, go to this word and understand what you are saying and all your doubts will be cleared, you will be able to preach with freedom and boldness, you will be able to serve the God of the scriptures with the power that he gives you, you will see fruit of trust in the Lord.

It is no accident that the gospel means Good news!

Brothers in the world, may God bless you and free you from empty philosophies and fill your hearts with his love through the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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