domingo, 5 de junio de 2016

Christ died for you

Christ died for you, how? , why?. So many times we say, Christ died for me, lightly and without reverence, without realizing what we are saying. Every time we talk about the name of Christ Jesus, we must do so with reverence, every time we talk about the Cross, we must do so with reverence. The fact that the Son of God died for us, is an event that can not be explained, no preaching in the world is able to explain and understand what it means that Christ died for us. There is no more important than understanding what happened on the cross of Calvary topic.
The biggest problem in this world is that man is not believed sinner and even "Christians" do not realize how sinful we are. It is very important to note carefully what the scriptures say about you, what they say about me and every human being living on the face of the earth.
See Genesis 6: 5
What do you say this word? Today when the Bible is read and find the word sinners, automatically we believe that you are talking about others, because that cruel lie introduces the false gospel, where they make you believe that your privileged you are, you're a different person, that God saw something good in you, that you are worthy of God's love. This is the spirit that governs today the false Christianity.
But you have to understand is that God is not like man. You know that if all your thoughts, all you have spoken and done in secret was exposed like a movie in front of all your family and friends, would come out running and not asomarías more nor your nose shame, because you know you did and thought things secret so horrible that you can not share or with your best friends and we know that we are all equal. Many evils have gone through our heart and God sees everything. What we have to understand is that we are not born without sin, but sin, with inclination to everything morally depraved contrary to the will of God, we have to teach how to lie? How to be selfish? How scream and fight ?.
Absolutely not, why? because what the Bible says about you and me is true, are men, women, young fallen, we are sons of Adam, rebels, perverts and sinful. Today everyone laughs sin, like sin, even many of you like to sin, we should not lie.
Without the grace of God we become like a leper, your best work without the grace of God are as filthy rags, for that reason can not be saved by our works, but today the false Christianity offers a religion of works, "beam God will give you this and that "
When the Bible says that Christ died for our sins, we must understand what is sin, how abhorrent it is to God, in the culture in which we live, it is very difficult to understand what sin is, no one takes seriously the sin or pastors, or preachers, better not talk of sin not to offend, not to lose people from the church.
In many churches speaking very beautiful, yet thousands of people are marching to hell because we are not showing by the scriptures what sin is, how horrible it is, is something that God can not stand.
You need to understand your sin and your state of condemnation before God, so you can love Christ of truth, because they love the lip, not recognize the need for Christ, is not know in depth their sin and what Christ has done for that.
Have you noticed that you're locked up in jail convicted of God? Do not you understand the danger you are in?
We could not understand and therefore do not seek salvation in Christ. I write with all the love, but honestly, I can not say what is written.
Because of our sins no fellowship with God, we are out of their presence.
On the cross, Christ bore your sins and he was abandoned by God in your place. Jesus the son of God, he always lived in perfect communion with his Father, but on the cross his father abandoned him, the doors and windows of heaven were closed to him, we deserve to suffer eternal separation from God, but on the cross, Christ separation suffered in our place.
You have to understand what was happening when Jesus cried, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?
In Psalm 22 find the answer, I ask God to enlighten the heart and open your senses so that you understand.
God bless you in Christ Jesus.

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