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God and riches

God and riches
(Matthew 6:24). In this little verse we can find a powerful message and a very uplifting teaching.
There are two words that are vital to fully understand the message of the Lord.
The first is "to serve" in the Greek origin, this word means "a slave to" either voluntarily or involuntarily.
The idea is subject or subordination.
So nobody can be subject or subordinate to God and also to riches. It is totally impossible.
Now, by appointing two masters in this verse?
To understand this we must know the meaning of the second critical word in this verse is "wealth"
This word means "Trust, ie deified wealth and greed personified."
When I give life and personified anything from this life in which I put all my attention and deep to the point that occupies my life affection, it is a grave sin.
Therefore idolatry in all its forms it is a serious sin.
A stone is dead, a wood like a man is dead and if raised because the gospel is not to make himself a treasure for others, but to collaborate on others to find true wealth, you do not need to No one life and identity, because he is the eternal, self-existent, and all his word is truth and life.
Why you should pay attention, lest you're following an invented character, because that the man shown in history as the inventor par excellence of this type of dead wealth but in our folly we give life. This is one reason why the Lord called him sir, because you are totally subject and subordinate to that man, which can be from an erroneous doctrine, to a habit that affects worship.
It is very important this subject, I say Christian and I show that I am a slave to one Lord. I want to tell you that the greatest danger is when we have succumbed to the taste of our flesh, doing what is pleasing to the Lord, but porfiamos to insist that we do not do anything wrong and do not realize how far we are hating God and believing that character dead, either doctrine, be a man, it is a custom or tradition, is a congregation or an idol.
This verse exposes any doctrine which has as its main message the love of money, a doctrine, a congregation or a man, this spirit is shared by both Catholicism, many evangelical and other denominations.
Let the other meaning, "deified greed"
Why Israel was so sinful that trust Egypt's army.
All that is the invention of man, where this puts his trust is sin, nothing is worth putting our trust, nor money, nor a man, nor material goods, absolutely nothing.
Trust lie all around you because you have personified the lie, the deified you, is your Lord, your God, and as such the lie try disregarding the true, one and only eternal God.
As you can serve the Lord in this way?
God have mercy on us all.

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